Bison Lacrosse

spirit of the bison

There is no question that the Bison plays an integral role in Native American spiritual traditions. The importance of the Bison to the tribes is spoken of in legends, lore and oral tradition. Numerous tribes have rituals and prayers specific to honor the Buffalo Spirit.

Some stories tell us that it was The Bison who gave the tribes knowledge of medicine and the use of the Peace Pipe. The general meaning for Bison throughout the Plains was that of power, safety, strength, life’s sacredness and durability. 

Here, we honor that spirit. To create and foster young men who embody strength of mind, body and soul: young men who respect tradition yet boldly push forward to stand for what is right and oppose that which is not.

Who We Are

Our mission is to be competitive in the game of lacrosse while at the same time emphasizing the importance of communication, leadership, team work, commitment, honesty, and integrity. We have an expectation that the players, parents, and coaches will respect everyone associated with the game.



We want to field teams who share a joy derived from the struggle itself - the journey, the contest. To strive for a personal greatness that cannot be diminished, dismissed, or derided because of the final score. As long as the players adhere to the rules-regulations, carry this competitive spirit and are capable of contributing at the given level of play or within the desired skill set parameters, they are a part of The Bison Spirit.


We want everyone associated with Bison Lacrosse (players, parents, and coaches) to be of good character, in terms of their interaction with anyone when they are representing the club.  Anyone can be defined as another teammate, an opponent, a referee, a coach, a parent, etc.  Key character traits are team spirit, self-control, friendship, loyalty, cooperation, and enthusiasm.


The hard struggle is welcomed at Bison Lacrosse. In fact, the only thing to fear is the unwillingness to make a full 100% effort to prepare and perform at the highest level of your ability. Every individual needs to be committed to the practices and tournaments, once the dates are known. The sport of the season school teams always takes priority over Bison schedules.

Earle McAuley

Director of Bison Lacrosse

Head Coach of Gulf Breeze High School Dolphins Lacrosse


I began playing lacrosse in 1985 in Charlottesville, VA. I played football, basketball and lacrosse in high school. In college I played Club Lacrosse at East Carolina University (Go Pirates!) as part of the SELC. 

I have been a high school teacher and coach since 1992. In 1995 I became an assistant lacrosse coach at Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, NC (Go Heels!). We made it to the state finals in both 1995 and 1996 as one of the only public schools in the state who played lacrosse. 

I coached there for two years and then moved with my wife to Memphis, TN. While in Memphis, I coached at Christian Brother’s High School in the spring of 2000 where we made it to the state semis--losing a nail biter to the Macaulay School of Chattanooga. 

After moving to Pensacola in August of 2000, I left the lacrosse world until it began again locally—I helped West Florida start their program in 2015. In 2017 I was the head coach of the PHS girl’s program where my daughter played—we were 11-3 and finished as district runner ups. I took over the Gulf Breeze boy’s program in 2018. Since the day I was hired, we have been in a building phase.

In 2018 we went undefeated in the regular season and eventually lost to Oak Hall of Gainesville. We ended the season ranked #22 in the state. 

I am the Pensacola News Journal Coach of the Year for both 2018 and 2019 and our high school team is undefeated in district play the last two years

Bison Lacrosse is a Proud Affiliate of Florida Crabs Lacrosse